A dog worth $10 Million


The gratification of wealth is not found in mere possession or in lavish expenditure, but in its wise application.As we get rich, the basics of life – food, clothing and shelter – become a very small part of total expenditure and we focus on spending on lavish things.

People love  having pets around them but can you imagine someone paying a whooping $10 Million for a pet? Its hard to belive but true. A man from Bengaluru India bought a Korean Dosa mastiff dog for $10 Million. The Korean breed has heavy wrinkled skin with hanging jowls and a blunt nose.Even with a flat nose, the dog can smell things from distance. These uncommon features in a dog makes this one expensive.The exotic breed flew from China.

Satish S told that ” I had been looking out for this breed for 20 years. Finally, I found a trader in Beijing whose Korean mastiff delivered two puppies recently.”

He have made arrangements for them to be kept at an air-conditioned kennel, till they adapt to Indian temperatures.  The puppies are coming from a cooler place – of temperatures around 6 degrees.Their lifespan is usually 8-12 years.  They eat raw chicken and a specific brand of dog food. He will be shelling out $754 for them every month. He imported one female and a male pup costing $10 Million each.