Eye-Catching Cliff Side Beaches Around The World

Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.
-Brian Wilson

All love to visit beautiful cliff side beaches, it is the place that all enjoy going to the beach. It is seen as a place of relaxation because it is normally quiet and peaceful there. It is a place where you go to get away from all troubles. To look around and see the beauty of mother nature at it’s finest. The majority of people like beach for favorite vacation destinations. Not only for the beauty and relaxation but for the entertainment.  To sit there under the sun feeling the warmth of it beating down on your skin. Peoples feel more happy when they spend more time at the beach.

Check out beautiful Cliff Side Beaches around the world.


#1. Baia do Sancho,Brazil


Favored with Mediterranean climate, the Baia do Sancho is the ideal destination for summer holidays and attracts nature and sea enthusiasts. Baia do Sancho beach with its forested mountains and hills are a perfect illustration of the magnanimous creature of nature.


#2. Calanque d’En Vau,France


Imagine a secluded, stunning beach cove, whose crystal blue waters almost glow! The silky soft sand under your feet and the narrow cliffs stagger beautifully around the crisp Mediterranean Sea. Located between Cassis and Marseilles, the French coast of Calanque d’En Vau is a wonderful sight to behold.


#3. As Catedrais Seashore,Spain


As Catedrais Seashore is situated on the Cantabric coast in Galicia, Spain. Here, you will be able to spot arches, caves, and cathedrals—all at the same place. A really soothing feel for vacationers.


#4. El Nido,Philippines


For those who enjoy being young at heart and are often fantasized about being in a calm, pristine, green atmosphere; this is the time to visit this unspoiled paradise on earth; El Nido (the Nest). This lagoon offers gorgeous views above water, with its limestone cliffs towering above you as you kayak through it.


#5. Etretat,France


Wrapped in dramatic cliffs, eroded into giant formations, the astonishing vertical cliff of this pebbled beach is sparkling like a quartz crystal. The white chalk cliffs and three massive natural stone arches spread at both ends of Etretat, have been categorized as a site of “national importance”.


#6. Legzira Beach,Morocco


Once you set your feet on this place, your eyes will be blown away with the deep blue turquoise clear waters, impressively maroon colored rock formations, fascinating caves and green farmlands.  Everything here is simply surreal.


#7. Marasusa Beach,Italy


Located on a reef, dipped into the Mediterranean Sea, you will find Marasusa Beach with its sandy beaches, brilliant emerald waters and cliffy bays. Also known as the “Jewel of Calabria”, the beach means Coast of the Gods.


#8. Maya Bay,Koh Phi Phi Lee, Thailand


A ring of limestone hills, standing tall and steep, appearing as pebbles strung by high rock cliffs surrounded by blue waters, make Maya Bay one of the most exotic cliff-side beaches around the world. This incredibly stunning, spectacular bay in Thailand should be a must on your travel bucket list.


#9. McWay Cove,California


With its gently shelving white sands, calm, crystal clear blue waters and stunning cliffs, the majestic sight of McWay cove situated along California’s coastlines is a delight. Its unique feature is its 80-feet waterfall that falls down from a steep granite cliff into a picturesque cove that directly goes into the Pacific Ocean.


#10. Navagio Beach,Greece


Huge vertical cliffs of white rocks, surrounded by white sand create a unique and enchanting image. The strip of Navagio beach is only visible if you stand on the high side of the cliffs that overlook it. This paradise is only accessible by small boats.