Unbelievable but True: These future Technologies are just Round the Corner


The 21st century has been growing in technology tremendously. People have been using lots of digital technology in past five years, like Smartphones, cloud computing, multi-touch tablets,etc. This all are new innovations that metamorphose the way to we live and work, but as technology changes the way we live and our day to day lives, also changes. We may dream one day living on mars in future.

Technology kips on changing, adapting and progressing, and often that things seemed improbable in next few short years afterwards.

Lets look at the upcoming technologies that will change the world and change the future, the way we think, and the way we do things.

1. Super Maglev Train


Super Maglev is built on the same Maglev technology, but it encapsulates the train in a vacuum tube, further reducing air resistance, allowing for higher, mind-boggling speeds. Researchers claim that such enclosed-tube Maglev systems could see trains reaching speeds of up to 1800 miles per hour.


2. 3D Printed Food


German company, Biozoon, is harnessing the power of 3D printing to create seneoPro, a range of 3D-printable powder mixtures that solidifies when printed but also very quickly melts when eaten. The main target for this new 3D-printable food are elderly patients who suffer from dysphagia, or the inability to swallow.


3. Aerofex Aero-X


If you’re a Star Wars fan, the Aerofex Aero-X, a real-life equivalent of the Star Wars speeder bike, is definitely something you’ll want to keep your eyes on. The Aero-X is the result of more than 15 years of research and development. Powered by a water-cooled 240 horsepower engine and two large rotors, the Aero-Xcan hover at an altitude of 12 feet and at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour power. It can also carry up to 310 pounds. Think of the potential.


4. Form 1-3D Printing Machine


Form 1 is one such personal 3D printer which can be yours at just $2799. It may sound like a high price but to have the luxury of getting producing your own prototypes, that’s a reasonable price.


5. Google Driverless Car


While the data source is still a secret recipe, the Google driverless car is powered by artificial intelligence that utilizes the input from the video cameras inside the car, a sensor on the vehicle’s top, and some radar and position sensors attached to different positions of the car. Sounds like a lot of effort to mimic the human intelligence in a car, but so far the system has successfully driven 1609 kilometres without human commands!


6. Jet Pack International H202


Jet Pack International are making great strides in jetpack technology H202 and H202-Z jetpacks. As the name suggests, both the H202 and H202-Z are hydrogen peroxide-fueled jetpacks that will allow users to fly at up to 77 miles per hour at a maximum height of 250 feet. The Jet Pack International H202 and H202-Z are actually currently available, albeit not commercially you can assemble the jetpack yourself, if you have $100,000 lying around.


7. Cave-2


Cave2 is a hybrid reality environment that lets artists, scientists and engineers become fully immersed in their research. The Cave2 is a 360° wraparound structure consisting of 72 LCD panels, a 20-speaker surround sound system and a 10-camera optical motion tracking system.


8. TALOS “Iron Man suit”


TALOS stands for Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, a combat suit that the US Army hopes will become a reality within the next four years. The TALOS provides ballistic, shock and fire protection for Special Operations soldiers. The aim is to provide these soldiers with better, more mobile and more versatile protection than what currently exists.


9. Parallella


Parallella is going to change the way that computers are made, and Adapteva offers you chance to join in on this revolution. Simply put, it’s a supercomputer for everyone. Basically, an energy-efficient computer built for processing complex software simultaneously and effectively. Real-time object tracking, holographic heads-up display, speech recognition will become even stronger and smarter with Parallella. The price seems really promising since it’s magically $99!


10. Project Fiona


Meet the first generation of the gaming tablet. Razer’s Project Fiona is a serious gaming tablet built for hardcore gaming. Once it’s out, it will be the frontier for the future tablets, as tech companies might want to build their own tablets, dedicated towards gaming, but for now Fiona is the only possible one that will debut in 2013. This beast features next generation Intel® Core i7 processor geared to render all your favorite PC games, all at the palm of your hands.