Are you rich enough to play these sports??


Sports are the best way to relax your body and mind from the your daily routines. Every person should played one of the sports in each day. Mostly health specialists say that sports keep people healthy.
There are many kinds of sports. Some of sports are conducted through some special tournaments and its required lot of space. Next is they have to use most expensive equipment and played only rich man of the society, and shows to display them for all over the world like Equestrian, polo etc. The most important thing in all these sports is money without which these sports are not possible.
Below are a list of top 10 most expensive sports in the world :

10. Equestrian:

Equestrian It is basically very rare sport played with only limited number of people due to its high cost. As the cost of training and keeping a horse for all these kind of sports are very expensive and their traveling expenses are also very high. The cost of taking a horse to some this kind of event can cost almost $200,000 each year. In this amount the cost of horse is not included which is very expensive as well.


9. Polo:


This sport is always associated with upper class and rich people due to its high cost. Its cost is high as expenses on horse their maintenance and all other are very high. Mostly polo players have to keep 4 horses in order to keep some as backup plan. The matches conducted for polo can cost almost $150,000. Mostly polo matches are sponsored by famous companies which cost up to $1,000,000 which is very expensive and high charges.


8. Formula 1:

Formula 1

It is basically a motor racing game in which the driver drives the car through different routes. Mostly sponsors are there to make these events possible to very high cost. A single race costs about $190,000. It is very famous sport in many countries especially in Dubai.

 7. Sailing:

Sailing In this game, a sailing vessel used can cost almost $100 million. Once the whole equipment is purchased then this game is not at all expensive. It only occurs in some special months and the whole year boats are stored without any reason. Mostly boats are kept on dry places then it is expensive to take them into water.


6. Pentathlon:

Top 10 Expensive Sports in the World

The people participating in this sport have to spend on further 5 sports which are running, swimming, shooting, jumping and fencing as well which is very good experience. The cost incurred on the equipment and keeping them is very expensive as maintaining guns and purchasing them cost large amount of money.


5. Wingsuiting:


People will be shocked to know that wingsuit is not expensive it only cost about $2,500. The most expensive thing in this sport is the money spent on going up and coming down safely. As people have to take special training, rent a plane, pilot and insurance as well.


4. Bobsledding:


It is similar to F1 and requires a lot of sponsorship due to very high expenses. It can cost about $25,000 for bobsleds while training expenses are separate. People will not believe that construction of bobsled can cost about millions of dollars. It is basically a team sport in which there are four members which shows cost will also four times greater.


3. Hot Air Balloon Racing:

Hot Air Balloon Racing

Mostly people did not know about hot air balloon race in the world or it is basically a sport. An individual has to pay $300 for one hour ride on the balloon. Mostly people participating in their own balloons which are very expensive. A hot air balloon cost about $20,000. Some measures must be adopted to participate in this sport like safety measures. The cost of training a pilot on these balloons cost about $3000 to go on these balloons.


2. Ski Jumping:

Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is very famous and interesting sport in the world. The equipment used in this sport can cost about $2,500. The recreational ski jumping is very expensive and can only be affordable by the rich people. A jumper has to spend almost $100,000 to go for this ride. It is also insured because of high risk in this game.


1. The Whitianga Festival of Sports:


The most expensive sport in the world is Whitianga festival of speed. It is very famous sport that is conducted in New Zealand in every year. It has helicopter used in it, boat, ski racing and helicopter racing as well. In this sport there is basically a competition between one another. Owning and keeping the equipment for this game are very expensive and requires about millions of dollars. It is the most expensive sports teams in the world as well.