World’s Most Expensive Televisions


Nowadays people get entertainment from TV. Television is now considered as the most important part of every house. TV, Telly, Television…whatsoever you call it, persons will continuously know what that implies. Most of the companies make TVs that can be affordable for the buyers – their prices might vary by hundreds of dollars depending on their features, but there are TV’s which can take more than 2 million dollars from your wealth.

You may be wondering  what makes some of the Tv’s so expensive that they cost millions. They have nothing so special other than their body plated with pure gold and studded with precious diamonds.

The following are Top 10 Most Expensive Televisions in the World:

10 : LG 84 inch TV


It is a 84 inch TV which is very big to provide outstanding knowledge to viewers. It also has a 3D feature in it with the competences of smart TV. It is of very good excellence which has nearly 2160 pixels. It delivers much better and good experience to spectators. It was first hurled in China and was their formation as well. The price of this large TV is nearly $20,000. Due to its high price it has comprised in list of the most expensive TVs.


9 : Sony 84 inch TV


Again here comes a LED of 84 inches which is very large. Only the different from the last one and this one is the name of a company. We all know that Sony is a very famous brand all over the world. Only because of its brand awareness and quality of this brand, its price is more than another one. It has about 4000 pixel and an almost 2160 pixels in it. It has some latest features in it like driver stereo system which is located on its edges. The price of this large television is almost $25,000. Through this large TV, one can enjoy the cinema experience at home.


8 : Samsung UHD S9


Samsung UHD S9 is very latest television. It was first launched only on the online websites for its purchasing like Amazon on which customers discouraged its high price. Someone also commented that only to purchase this TV; he has to sell his child because of a high price tag. It is described by the company on its own that it is very beautiful and big TV. It has LCD screen which also has a latest sound system. It also has quad core processor which makes it latest. It is always included in high definition variety of televisions. It has a high price tag of almost $38,000.


7 : Panasonic TH 103VX200W


Panasonic is very famous brand all over the world and needs a no introduction. It is high definition plasma television offered by Panasonic. It has a high resolution of about 1080 pixels. It also gives facility to watch 3D with 3D glasses which is a very latest facility in it which also increased its price. It also has many color transmissions in it to increase or decrease the color resolution. The quality of print and picture on this television is exceptional. The price of this exceptional television is $100,000.


6 : Yalos Diamond


As its name shows Yalos Diamond and it has beautiful 160 diamonds on its frame and increased its price too. Although the size of this television is small that is about 46 inches but its design and quality is exceptional. It shows very high definition pictures and good resolution as well. It was further precious as it is gold plated. It was basically made in Italy but was first introduced to the world in Germany in an exhibition. It is very delicate and beautiful television. The price of this precious television is $140,000.


5 : Beovision 4-103

Beovision 4

This is the option for people who love to watch large televisions and wanted to have big TV`s in their homes. It has a large screen of almost 103 inches. It is full of advance features in it like portable stand to adjust it according to your angle and also picture control as well. This large screen provides you very exciting experience. The price of this large television is $140,000.


4 : Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV

Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV

It is also very large LCD television which was launched in 2008. It has very bright features in it which can be increased according to your need. It has a very large screen of almost 108 inches which is like a home theater. It also gives about 176 degree angle for viewing. It also provides a facility of USB ports which is a very latest thing. The price of this television is $160,000.


3 : Panasonic 152 inch Plasma TV


Panasonic is a very famous brand all over the world. It has a large screen of almost 152 inches and has a big resolution of 2160 pixels. It is also very light weighted which is about 1282 pounds. It also offers 3D facility as well in HD quality. The experience watching this TV is like a cinema. Watching films on this TV is almost same like a cinema which is excellent. The price of this beautiful TV is $500,000.


2 : Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Edition


Stuart Hughes is famous for creating something exceptional and beautiful as well. As its name shows Prestige HD, it offers very rich quality of picture and perfect as well. It has a screen of almost 55 inches and also has gold used in its making. It has about 48 precious diamonds placed on it to make it more attractive. It is also further studded with topaz and precious stones as well. The price of this precious television is $1.5 million.


1 : Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition


It is the most expensive television in the world. It is best for people loving expensive products to maintain their status and own something more precious. It is a 55 inches TV. It is more expensive because it is further coated with rose gold of about 28kgs. This television is further studded with diamonds and gold as well. Its price is $2.26 million that is not affordable for everyone. Due to its expensiveness it is on the 1st of most expensive TV ratings.