Most Extremely Expensive Food Items In The World


Good food is a basic need of human body and food is the most important thing in the world without which no one can live. It is necessary for humans to live a healthy life and to do work as well. There are many different kinds of foods in the world according to different countries like Italy, China, and India, etc. Some people in the world are fond of food and wanted to eat the best and luxurious dishes.

These most expensive dishes are made with perfect ingredients and further its decoration is done with the expensive materials that increased its price. It is estimated that all these dishes are further decorated with the gold leaf and white truffles that are very expensive and not affordable for everyone. These special dishes are available in the big restaurants of as they have to maintain their standards and luxurious food to the people.

Presenting the most expensive foods in the world.


1. Lindeth Howe Pudding  (Cost: $ 34,531 )


This creation looks more like a piece of art that is to be treasured in a museum than like food that is going to disappear in a few minutes. The creation is made of Belgian chocolate, edible gold leaf and a 2-karat diamond.


2. Bombay Brassiere’s Samundari Kazana Curry (Cost: $ 3,200 )


There is so much exoticism in this dish, we wonder if humans should even eat it! Ok here is a peek; the dish contains devon crab, white truffle, lobsters coated in gold, abalones, quail eggs and beluga caviar in gold leaf. It is served in this Indian restaurant located in London.


3. Mushrooms (Cost: $ 1000 )


A rare mycorrhizal variety of mushrooms that are only available in select parts of Asia, North America and Europe. This is in high demand, pushing up the costs and making it one of the most expensive foods in the world.


4. Italian White Alba Truffle (Cost: $ 1,60,406 )


Truffle is a variety of Ascomycete fungus that grows at the bark of certain variety of trees and are found and harvested with the help of specially trained dogs. It is understandably a big part of haute cuisine.


5. Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata (Cost: $ 1000 )


Before you panic, no it’s not a zillion dollars worth! But it still is one of the most expensive foods in the world with caviar, lobster, eggs and fried potatoes creating a gastronomic explosion in your mouth.


6. The Golden Phoenix Cupcake (Cost: $ 1000 )


This cupcake made from premium chocolate and vanilla is dusted with 24 karat edible gold and gold sheets. Truly a feast for the gods.


7. Westin Hotel Bagel (Cost: $ 1000 )


This unassuming image of a bakery item is also on the list of most expensive foods in the world. Why you ask? Because it is packed with the goodness of truffle cream cheese, Riesling jelly infused with Goji berry and to top it off golden leaves!


8. Nino’s Bellissima Pizza (Cost: $ 1000 )


It also has salmon roe, wasabi, all of the goodness of which is set on a yummy creme fraiche base. And we thought pizza was already too expensive!