Technology That Will Change Your Life


In our daily life technology is must importance,because the fact that in today’s dynamic world, the life without technology is meaningless. So technology has become an integral part of our daily life.

Technology, which basically refers to bringing together tools that ease creation, use and exchange of information, has a major goal of making tasks easier to execute as well as solving many mankind’s problems.
There are many benefits of technology,mostly in business  because of technology business expand quickly and efficiently.Technology helps us to keep in touch with people who are away from us, we use telephones and computers to talk to them and even see them.

Here are our some best picks for what’s coming, and what you can do to be ready for it.



Virtual Reality


It’s marked on 2016 calendars everywhere: Virtual reality finally gets real. It begins with the scheduled spring arrival of the long-anticipated Oculus Rift headset, followed by HTC’s Vive and Sony ’s PlayStation VR.


Wireless Charging Everywhere


This year, we may really stop plugging all our gadgets into the wall. As more compatible devices arrive, many will be capable of faster charging speeds than the sluggish rates currently available.


Voice-Operated Everything


The gadgets really are listening. Voice-operated electronics are poised for a quantum leap in accuracy and intelligence in 2016. Talking offers a more natural way to interact with devices that need complex input but aren’t exactly keyboard-friendly, such as TVs, sound systems and household electronics.


Cutting the Headphone Cord


Bluetooth headphones are far from new, but this is the year you should buy a pair. Improvements to the wireless technology mean no more muffled sound or dropped connections. We’re expecting several truly wireless earbuds in 2016, including Bragi Dash and Alpha Skybuds—they don’t even need a wire to connect between your ears. There’s even talk of headphone jacks disappearing from smartphones, a casualty of the quest for ever-thinner designs.


Safer, Smarter Drones


We’ll soon think of drones more like cameras than helicopters, as their technology evolves to compensate for novice mistakes and foolhardy fliers.


Cameras That See More


Smartphones and point-and-shoots alike are sprouting multiple lenses and sensors to improve image quality, capture depth and “see” in 3-D. A slim camera called the Light L16, due this summer, goes all out, employing 16 lens-and-sensor modules of varying focal lengths to capture massive 52-megapixel scenes.