Top 10 Billionaires In The World 2015- 2016


It’s not easy to become rich in this world.To be rich you need to work really hard and need to have some luck in your life. rich people can buy anything from A bigger house, a bigger car to a larger hotel room which normal people can just dream about.their life is full of choices,freedom and options.

Rich people have enough money so as not to worry about a single day for the rest of their life, which is just a dream for most of the common people.people envy rich people and alwasy sdream of becoming one.

Presenting the forbes top 10 list of world top billionaires.Proud moment for INDIANS as mukesh ambani is ranked 36th on the list.

1. Bill Gates

1.Bill Gates

The first name among all the rich peoples is the proprietor of Microsoft. He has been the top name in the list for very much quite a while and he has been one of the individuals in the list, who has been there at the top point with no come up short. His total assets has been 72 billion dollars.

2. Warren Buffett

2.Warren Buffett

He has been one of the top businessmen and has been one of the top names in the list. The most imperative names in the business world can’t be finished. The most vital names in the list will doubtlessly have his name and his total assets is 58.5 billion dollars.

3. Larry Ellison

3.Larry Ellison

The third name is again from the greatest capitalist country of the world and he is the most popular Larry. His total assets is more than 41 billion dollars and in this way he has been a major name in the business as well. The top agent has been one of the top names among the businessmen in the world.

4. Michael Bloomberg

4.Michael Bloomberg

He is the richest chairman in the world and is there in the list of the richest men in the world 2016 at the fourth rank. His total assets is 31 billion dollars and that made him one of the richest men in the world as well, alongside the prestigious political consideration.

5. Sheldon Adelson


There was a period when he was not even inside of the top fifty of the richest men, however till 2007, he has never been out of the list by any shot. His wage every day has been 32 miollio0n dollars every day and his total assets is 28.5 billion dollars.

6. Jeff Bezos

6.Jeff Bezos

The proprietor of the is the 6th richest businessperson or rather to say man in the world. His total assets is 27.2 billion dollars and that made him one of the top names in the business segment as well.

7. Larry Page

7.Larry Page

At the seventh position the name of the most youthful extremely rich person of the world, the proprietor of the Google shows up. He has been one of the top businessmen who have begun the adventure starting from the earliest stage and with almost nothing. His total assets is 24.9 billion dollars.

8. Sergey Brin

8. Sergey Brin

He has been the fellow benefactor of Google with Larry. He was junior to Larry in the schools and Google has as of now been found around then. His total assets is 24.4 billion dollars and he is in the eighth position.

9. Carl Icahn

9. Carl Icahn

The Wall Street expert can’t be let out of the top’s list names of the richest men in the world. He is the ninth name and his total assets is 20.3 billion dollars.

10. George Soros

10George Soros

The immense man of Hungary has been in the business till the World War II after he turned out as a detainee. He has done his doctorate from UK and after that forward, he has been one of the top businessmen in the world. He is the tenth name in the List of The top ten richest men in the world 2016 and total assets of him is 20 billion dollars.