Impressive Nail Art Latest Trends


Nail! Nail is the smallest part of our body but the art Crossed the all the limits.Nail designs are a quite a popular thing among girls these days.  The nail art is goes around the world.Nail art is a creative way to decorate nails. It is a type of art which can be done on fingernails and toenails. It became commonly known in beauty salons and it is considered as fashion activity. You can try out various form of this easily at home if you have a few craft supplies with you.

1. Snow Manicure

1. Snow Manicure


2. The V-Nail Art

2. The V-Nail Art

This is a very attractive, yet extremely easy-to-do nail art. Simply color your nails bright red and let them dry.


3. Pine Tree Nail Art


You can try this pretty nail art during the Christmas season. All you need to do is apply bright red nail polish on your nails, except for the nail on the ring finger. Apply green nail paint on that nail.


4. Love Message Nail Manicure


You can wear this on Valentine’s Day to give your crush a hint! You can get this by painting your nails red, except for the nail on the ring finger. Paint your ring finger nail with a nude nail color. Take a thin nail art brush and write your message with white color on the red nails and red on the nude nail. Seal your design with a top coat and you are done!


5. Polka Dots Bow Nail Art


Bows are very much in trend and they look very pretty on the nails too. To get this look, paint your nails either with a nude base coat or with a very light pink nail color. Add polka dots using toothpick and stick bow accessory on your ring finger using nail glue. After it dries, apply a top coat.

6. Dotted Nail Art


Here comes one of the easiest nail art design ideas for beginners. Dots look simple and elegant and you can also play around with the colors. Apply the base coat with a color of your choice and once it dries out, start putting dots on your nails with the help of a toothpick. Again, the choice of color for dots is yours!


7. Striped Nail Art


A French manicure with bright colored stripes looks lovely and attractive. To create such stripes, all you need is a nail art striper pen or a thin brush – it all depends on how creative you are!

8. Floral Nail Art


If you’re a beginner, then this one is for you. Floral prints can be drawn easily with the help of brushes and other equipment and you can always play around with the shape of the petals and colors.


9. Mix N Match Nail Art


This nail art is one of the funkiest nail arts. Try different colors, contrasting colors or colors matching with your dress. You can also go with neon shades if you want some serious attention grabbing.

10. Nail Art Using Effect Nail Polish


Nail art is definitely a fun task to do, but might be a headache for those who don’t have steady hands. Fret not, cosmetic industry has a solution for almost anything and everything. Special effects nail polishes are easily available in the market and their application doesn’t require any professional artistic ability. Do give them a try.


11. Rainbow Nail Art


To achieve this design, select some of the best and brightest nail polishes from your nail art box and apply each color horizontally in thin and thick lines. You can also alter the design by drawing vertical lines in some fingers and horizontal in others.



12. Summer Nail Art


Won’t it be fun to welcome summer by getting a watermelon nail manicure? This is an easy nail art for beginners that is both trendy and stylish – just apply red and green nail polish in alternate fingers. On the ring finger, make white color dots using a tooth pick and draw white, yellow, and green stripes at the top.


13. Butterfly Nail Art


Though this nail art looks a bit complicated, once you start drawing it, you’ll realize how easy it is. Butterfly manicure looks very cute, especially if teenage girls are wearing it. Choose any two contrasting colors – we’ve picked yellow and black. Apply the lighter shade on all the fingers and then create a butterfly on the ring finger using a thin nail art brush. To make the manicure look even more attractive, stick multi-colored stones in the wings. And you’re done!